Online Home Business Playbook


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Online Home Business Playbook

Who Else Wants to Grab Their Share of A Market of 18 Million People Who Have Raised Their Hand To Say They Want to Make More Money…
In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use WordPress Websites To Grow Your Personal Brand and Network Marketing Business


$ 9,99

Online Home Business Playbook

Online home business playbook - You’ve come to this page because you’re ready to grow your network marketing business.  Maybe you're in a thriving opportunity right now….

Or Maybe You're Looking for Your next business to join...

Perhaps you already have a group of people that follow you, or maybe you're ready to build one…

You may have noticed something about the leaders and people that grow their teams… they all have their own website that is the center of attention

And maybe now you're thinking... Yes, that's nice, but I need to have my own.

Is a Website Going to Help Me Sell More?

The fact is that leaders always have dynamic content that they share... And don't put all of it on social media

They set the expectation that you need to come to THEIR site...

It's such a simple thing, yet so few do it consistently...

You’re probably wondering if you have to know a bunch of technical stuff...? Is this going to involve code and design?

The answer is yes and no. While it's common to find teaching on having a WordPress website. What's not common is a discussion on HOW you can use it to grow your networking business?

Whether you have been struggling with how to build your own site or how to keep your team informed, you can now learn how super simple it is to learn a few basic things that have an awesome team website.

And you won't be paying thousands of dollars in design fees or, hundreds every week for an "outsource" to make changes that keep your website looking professional.

This means that you’ll build your team and your brand on your terms...

And you can do it over and over again…

Owning Your Website Puts You in Control of Your Brand and Your Network Marketing Business

Whether you are using your site to each of your team, celebrate their successes, or encouraging them with the accomplishments of their peers...

Think of what it will be like when people come to you because you are positioned as a leader and your site backs you up. Here's where you'll get the "how-to" in order to use your site… effectively for you and your team.



The Online Home Business Playbook, The WordPress Edition


Using WordPress to Grow Your Home Business

What you'll discover in this eBook:

  • Using Your Website As Home Base
  • Why WordPress?
  • Using WordPress to Create Your Unique Brand
  • Using WordPress To Create Additional Income
  • Using WordPress to Create a List/Database of Prospects
  • WordPress for Collaboration
  • WordPress Basics
  • WordPress for Private Team Interactions
  • WordPress for Documentation of Team Information
  • WordPress As a Training Tool
  • WordPress As a Tracking Tool
  • WordPress As a Sales Tool
  • Specialized Functions of WordPress
  • ... And much more.






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