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3 Ways to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Publishing

Ever since LinkedIn released their publishing platform, businesses have been busy creating value-added, thought leadership content to help them generate more leads and increase sales. When it comes to effectively marketing business, every company should be taking advantage of publishing posts on LinkedIn. Here are three ways you can use the posts you publish on LinkedIn to generate more leads for your business. 

Start by Using It

linkedin marketing
Linkedin marketing

The search engine optimization value that you gain with publishing on LinkedIn should be enough reason to get on and utilize this feature. The domain authority of LinkedIn and the content published to the platform is very high. This isn’t to say you should abandon your company’s blog, but you should include LinkedIn publishing with your content marketing efforts. Even better than the SEO value that you gain, every time you publish a post on the site, your first-degree connections are notified, which makes this a great way to achieve a farther reach with your audience.

Include a Call to Action at the End of Every Post

Unless you are publishing a post just for the sake of writing, you need to think about your primary objective carefully is for every piece of content that you write. If your goal is to generate more leads, then you always want to end your posts with a call to action that gets your readers to contact you for more information. Your call to action doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to always end with some sort of next step that you want your readers to take.

Promote Other Content

Find a way to reference your newsletter or other content, like webinars, video series, white papers, or any other kind of material that requires prospects to opt-in. While it may not generate a highly qualified, targeted lead, you will be able to enroll more prospects to your email list and bring them further into your sales funnel. Once you’ve acquired their email address, you can continue to reach out to them and provide them with the reasons why they should buy from you. 

These are just a few of the ways that publishing content on LinkedIn can generate more leads for your business. Depending on what you are posting on LinkedIn, the exact strategy may look different for you. The point is, LinkedIn has become a powerful publishing platform that can help businesses generate more leads and increase sales.  

4 Easy Ways to Generate New Leads for Your Business

The backbone of every thriving B2B business is the high-quality leads they can obtain through their marketing campaigns. While you can have all the paid traffic that you want, if you are unable to attract the right kinds of prospects that are willing and ready to buy what you’re selling, you’re going to have a difficult time generating the cash flow your business needs to survive. Social media continues to be a proven way to generate more high-quality leads and create a steady stream of prospects clicking through to your website. So, how can you take advantage of this? Here are four easy ways you can generate more leads for your business. 

Nail the Basics

You won’t be able to tap into LinkedIn’s robust platform capabilities if you don’t have the fundamentals in place. Make sure that your profile is optimized with keywords and terms that your customers would use to describe you. It is also important to remember that the key to a successful LinkedIn profile is making sure there is plenty of “What’s In It for Me?” built into your profile. 

Hyper-Target Your Content

Creating or sharing hyper-targeted content can help you reach specific niche audiences on LinkedIn. These are the kinds of individuals that would otherwise be hard or impossible to reach. To generate tangible results fast on LinkedIn, be sure to publish updates about your company daily, create weekly posts, and repost your content to LinkedIn groups. 

Publish Long-Form Content on Pulse

The Pulse publishing platform on LinkedIn offers businesses a valuable way to share your thoughts with other members while garnering greater exposure for your profile and company website. When you publish on Pulse, it ties directly to your profile. Having insights about your industry at the top of your profile can benefit you by expanding the conversation while also demonstrating to prospects that you are a credible authority in your niche.

Mine Company Pages

One of the best ways to begin generating leads on LinkedIn is to collect company names, headquarter locations, website addresses, company size, and more. Gathering these elements can help you to understand better the organizations that you are trying to target and can help you to better tailor your connections with them. 

Incorporating these four strategies into your overall LinkedIn marketing efforts can help you gain the highly qualified leads that your business needs to grow and increase sales. 

4 Ways to Find Potential Customers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses to find potential customers and increase sales. To get the best results from your marketing efforts, you need to build the foundation of your network and clearly define your targeted audience and decision-makers. Here are four ways that your business can find potential customers on LinkedIn.

Use Advanced Search

You can use this feature in LinkedIn with the parameters that you’ve already established to define your target audience. You will need to take into account the different synonyms that are used for the same job function. Once you’ve completed an advanced search look at the profiles of the results and see if you have any contacts in common. If you do, you can ask your contacts to introduce you to the potential customer.

Browse Your Connections

Starting looking at your current customers to see if they have any connections that might fit into your target audience parameters. The reason you want to try to connect with your existing customer’s connections is that the chances are higher that they will be more interested in what you have to say. This is also an excellent way for you to find new synonyms with which you can create another advanced search.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Check out the different groups on LinkedIn and join those that are closely related to the industry that you are working in and those that have members who hold the same interests as you. See which groups your current customers and prospects belong to. When you join a group, you need to be sure to engage with the other members and join in on the discussions. This will help to establish you as an expert and thought leader in your industry. 

Create Alerts

The alerts in LinkedIn are associated with the searches you’ve saved. When you create alerts based on your searches, you are automatically notified via email when a potential customer updates their profile. This can include when they change jobs, change positions within their current company, and generally whenever they make a change to their profile. 

LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful tool for many businesses. With the right tools and understanding of how to utilize the many features of LinkedIn, you can quickly grow your network and generate more leads for your business. 

5 of the Best Ways to Generate More Leads Using LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Pages, previously called Company Pages, are one of the last hidden marketing gems for businesses that are looking to expand online. With the new LinkedIn pages, you can grow your business and generate new opportunities and leads. Here are five of the best way to use LinkedIn Pages to generate more leads and increase sales.

Add a Call to Action

Call To Action

Now that you can publish posts on LinkedIn Pages; you need to be sure to include a call-to-action on every piece of content that you publish on the networking platform. This doesn’t mean you need to add a sales pitch, but rather provide a request for what you want your audience members to do next. This could be asking them to post comments or questions or ask them to share the post with their connections.

Nurture Relationships with Your Personal Brand

We, as consumers, tend to buy from people and companies that we like and trust, which is why it is crucial for your business not only to consider how you can leverage LinkedIn Pages but also to build a strategy for your personal brand that will enhance your business efforts. 

Embrace Native Video

LinkedIn video is currently trending, but it can be intimidating for businesses that have never utilized video before. The good news is that unless you are selling video production services, the videos you create for your company page don’t have to be perfectly stylized productions. When you use candid, creative, and fun videos to promote your business, your followers feel like you are speaking directly to them. So don’t be afraid to use your smartphones and imagination to engage with your target audience. 

Share Your Customer Stories

One of the most common kinds of content that are posted on LinkedIn Pages is customer testimonials. While this is a great way to prove that your company is competent, it’s also important to look beyond the text testimonial. One way you can accomplish this is by sharing a before and after, highlighting the improvements your business has made in the lives of your customers. 

Use Showcase Pages

You can serve different segments of your target audience by creating showcase pages. Showcase pages are niche pages of a larger corporate brand. You can create different pages to showcase various products, or you can create pages that cater to different buyer personas.

By adding the right elements to your LinkedIn Pages, you will find yourself on the right path for building your brand presence on LinkedIn, which can lead to generating more leads for your business. 

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Build Your Brand and Increase Sales

LinkedIn is probably the most underrated social networking platform when it comes to marketing a business. However, several thousand businesses report that, in at least one case, LinkedIn is more important than any other social media network. In fact, a recent survey indicated that the most important networking site for business marketers is LinkedIn. Here are five ways you can utilize LinkedIn to help you build your brand and increase sales for your business.

Turn Profile Views into New Leads

Most people on LinkedIn are familiar with the “Someone has viewed your profile” emails that get sent to your inbox. However, a majority of people don’t pay attention to the notification. However, by not investigating the notification further, you could be missing out on opportunities to generate more leads. If you think about it, the people who have viewed your profile are there because they want to find out more about you. So, why not reach out to them to figure out why. It could be that they are interested in what you are selling. 

Take Advantage of Plugins

When you take advantage of the integrated complementary add-ons offered by LinkedIn, the platform can become a powerful lead generation tool for your business. With a number of these add-ons, you gain the ability to send personalized messages to people who have viewed your profile and even tag them as a way to sort your new connections into a list of prospects.

Ask Employees to Post Your Company’s Content

Your employees are the most powerful brand advocates that can share your company’s content and case studies. Data shows that half of all employees already post about their employers on social media, so why not take advantage of this and ask them to share updates about your company. 

Make Your Company Discoverable

Search engine optimization isn’t just something you can do to rank higher on Google. It can also be used on LinkedIn to make your company profile more discoverable and to tout your experience. This provides you with the potential to boost the number of opportunities you have to sell your products. 

Sponsor Your Most Valuable Content

Utilizing LinkedIn’s sponsored updates feature allows you to infiltrate the feeds of members who are most likely to find value in your content. HubSpot, a popular developer, and marketer of inbound marketing software products leveraged the power of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates to generate 400 percent more leads for their company.

These are just a handful of the many great ways to utilize LinkedIn to generate more leads and increase sales for your business. 

How to Use LinkedIn to Increase Your Business Sales

LinkedIn is often considered the best way to connect online with your professional network, meet others in your industry, and hire qualified candidates for open positions. What many don’t know is that it can also be used to generate leads and gather market research and prospects as well. If you are a business looking to generate more leads, you can use LinkedIn, along with other sales strategies to help you meet and exceed your sales goals. Here’s how to use LinkedIn to increase sales. 

Optimizing Your Company Page

Creating a company page on LinkedIn should be a part of your marketing strategy. LinkedIn’s company pages are public, and posts that are published to your page appear on followers’ timelines. The content that you publish can include everything from highlighting new featured products or updates highlighting your branding messages, but to be effective, they have to add value to your customer’s lives.

Utilize LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are based on the pay-per-click model where the price you pay is based on the number of members who click on the ad. This can be an extremely cost-effective way to reach your target audience. With LinkedIn ads, you can set a budget so you won’t end up spending more than you expected for the sponsored content.

Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Function

Using the advanced search function in LinkedIn allows you to search for professional skills, affiliations and associations, companies and universities, and public users that individuals follow, including celebrities and influencers. If you know that your target audience holds a professional degree and lives in the United States, you can use the advanced search function to narrow down your prospects to those individuals who fit in those criteria. These connections can be the perfect starting point for reaching out to potential customers.

Personalize Connection Requests

Members are much more likely to accept invitations to connect when you create a personalized message to connect, rather than using the generic one provided by LinkedIn. This is an effective way to build your network of personal connections that can then be moved into your company’s sales funnel. 

Finding new leads on LinkedIn is relatively easy as long as you understand what you are looking for and how to go about using the many tools and features of LinkedIn. Going in with a clear picture of who your target audience will allow you to customize further your strategy for generating more leads and increasing sales.

Simple Steps for Generating More Leads with LinkedIn

If you’ve been struggling to generate new leads for your business, you may be one of the many entrepreneurs that are overlooking a potent tool. While there are a ton of methods for generating more leads, LinkedIn is a limitless lead generating tool. Here are five simple steps that you can take to generate more leads with LinkedIn.

Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized if you are planning on using the platform to connect with people that you don’t know. When you create a professional profile with a high-quality picture that showcases your business and include an engaging biography, prospects are going to want to know more.

Create Your Own Group

A powerful way to generate more leads is creating your own group on LinkedIn. Not only will this help to generate more leads, but it will also establish you as a thought leader within your niche. While starting a LinkedIn group is easy, growing and maintaining your group will take a bit more work. Before you can start adding contacts to your group, you need to be sure to have some content already created.

Create a List of Potential Customers

Once you’ve created your group and you have some content created, you’ll want to start building a list of potential leads. Use the filters on LinkedIn’s built-in search to find the best leads for your business. Focus your attention on people in your industry who are roughly at the same level as you.

Start Connecting 

After you have your list of potential customers, you’ll need to start reaching out and start connecting with them. Before you send out the messages requesting to connect, make sure your profile is optimized for the industry that you’re reaching out to. This process is the most time-consuming aspect of the entire process but will be the most rewarding. You don’t have to send an elaborate message; a simple message will do just fine.

Engage with Your Members

The final step for generating more leads with LinkedIn is to start engaging with your audience and then close the sale. You need to pace this step and spend several months building up a rapport with the members of your group. Work to become known as an influencer and industry leader by regularly publishing content.

Generating more leads to increase sales is a time-consuming process. It can take months before you start to see results. By using the above strategy, you will generate more conversions than you ever thought possible.

The Best Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Generate Leads for Your Business

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful places for businesses to generate new leads. While most people use LinkedIn as a way to stay in touch with former friends and colleagues, there is so much more that can be done with the professional networking platform. Utilizing your existing LinkedIn network is the fastest way for your business to find new leads. Here are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn to generate more leads. 

Ask Your Current Contacts for Introductions

Most entrepreneurs have no problem asking their friends in real life for contacts or introductions for their business but forget about asking their online connections for the same introductions. To take advantage of the potential leads that you can gain from your current contacts, send them a message explaining your business and ask if they know of anyone that would be interested in what you are selling.

Search People and Gain Introductions

Conduct an advanced search to find people on the site that you would like to be introduced to, and then figure out if there is anyone in your current network that can make an introduction. For this strategy to work, you have to have a clear idea of who your target audience is and the right keywords to search for the right people.

Publish Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish, and republish content in what they call “Long-Form-Posts.” While this strategy might not provide you with the largest audience, it does have the power to give you a very targeted audience of prospects and influencers in your industry. Not only will your post be shared with your contacts and followers, but interested people will also be able to find your content via a search on LinkedIn or other search engines.

Engage with Visitors to Your Profile

linkedin marketing

As you become more active with your LinkedIn company page, you will find more and more people are visiting your profile. You should be checking your profile on a regular basis to see who has viewed it and reach out to them and try to connect. At the very least you need to be communicating with those people who are relevant to your industry and who fall in line with your target audience. 

These are just some of the ways your business can start to generate more leads through LinkedIn. In most cases, there is a lot more you can do if you can develop a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

Top 4 Tips for Generating More Leads with LinkedIn

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is nothing more than an obligatory profile that needs to be completed to maintain a consistent reputation on the Internet. However, LinkedIn can be so much more and is designed to help businesses enhance their networking efforts and generate more leads. Here are the top five tips for helping your business use LinkedIn to generate more leads and increase sales. 

Tip #1 – Prepare for Action

Trying to find a new lead before being fully prepared can ultimately hurt your efforts. To get the most out of LinkedIn, you have to start by optimizing and branding your company profile. The most important thing that you have to consider is your profile picture. This needs to be something that conveys your professionalism and what your company stands for. Then you need to make sure that your company profile, including your biography and contact information, is complete.

Tip #2 – Look for Potential Leads

This is where LinkedIn can really help your business generate leads. Use the convenient search boxes at the top of the website to scour the over 500 million members for relevant contacts. The advanced search feature available with premium memberships will allow you to search based on job title, company, seniority level, and more to create a highly targeted list of prospects.

Tip #3 – Send Customized Connection Requests

Once you’ve identified the most promising prospects on your list, you’ll need to start sending out personalized requests to connect. Start by reaching out to common contacts and ask them to introduce you. When creating your message, be sure to include how you know the person, what you have in common, or even what you find interesting about the person. The point is, you want to avoid using the boring and generic invitations that LinkedIn provides. 

Tip #4 – Establish a Method for Following Up

After your connection invitation has been accepted, one of two things will happen. Either the new connection will reach out to you and express an interest in learning more about your company, or they will wait for you to reach out. You’ll have to decide on how to move forward. Will you reach out right away, or will you wait for a few days or weeks before following up? The important thing is that you do follow up with the connection that you develop.

You can never have too many ways of generating new leads. By including LinkedIn in your strategy, you can diversify your customer base and build healthy customer relationships for years to come.

Top Tips for Creating Killer Company Pages on LinkedIn

Your company page on LinkedIn is one of the most critical aspects of your presence on the professional networking platform. To maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn to grow your business, it is essential to have an eye-catching company page that clearly represents your business in a meaningful way. Here are the top tips for creating a LinkedIn company page that will grab the attention of your audience. 

Choose an Eye-Catching Banner

The first thing that most customers will see on your profile is the banner on your company page. That is why it is crucial that the banner you add to your company page is recognizable and effectively branded. Consumers and potential customers will associate a professional-looking banner with a high-quality company page that provides useful information, products, and services. 

linkedin marketing
Analyze Your Wording

Two of the most significant mistakes that are made to an otherwise healthy company page is the overuse of industry catchphrases and the overuse of standard search terms. To help your page stand out from the competition try to minimize your wordiness as much as possible. For the best results, you need to keep the wording on your page short and concise.  

Include a Video

In today’s fast-paced world, customers and potential clients might not have the time to spend reading through your profile. Adding a quick 30-second video that summarizes your company and the products or services you offer, could help tremendously in creating an attractive and attention-grabbing company profile.

Keep Your Company Information Up-to-Date

Many people forget to ensure that their company information is up-to-date. While this should be obvious, you need to make sure that your company contact information is correct, that your company profile and industry match, and that your background information is up-to-date. 

Update Your Page

If you want to attract the attention of prospects and increase your leads, then you have to remain active on LinkedIn. This means you have to provide updates about your company daily and deliver high-quality, value-added content on a regular basis. You should also try to add links to outside resources and take advantage of the blog-style news feed to communicate more efficiently with your audience.

These are just a few of the tips that you can utilize to make sure that your company’s LinkedIn page attracts the attention of your target audience. 


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